Terms and Conditions


Bug/Rodent Infestation

We won’t clean carpets in homes or facilities with obvious pest infestations: bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, lice, mice, rats, etc. You should cancel and reschedule your appointment. Once your home or facility has been treated and cleared by a professional extermination service, you can reschedule your exit cleaning.


Credit/Debit/Invoice Fee

It is necessary to make full payment before the cleaning begins or is complete. Those with established commercial relationships can be invoiced. You can pay with checks, cash, bank transfers, or credit/debit cards.


Slip & Trip Hazards

Please be careful not to slip from recently cleaned carpets or rugs to hard surfaces. The company will not be responsible for any injuries that might occur as a result of slips and falls. The cleaning service will use several large and small hoses throughout your home or facility. Again, we aren’t liable for injuries caused by our stockings, equipment, or misplaced furniture.


Moving Furniture

Except for vacuuming, the carpet beneath stationary furniture is usually clean. We use clear plastic furniture tabs to protect furnishings and carpets.

Our service is limited to moving furniture under 100 pounds, including but not limited to dressers, China cabinets, hutches, beds, and sofas. Please move your furniture before our arrival.

Even though we take every precaution to move your furniture safely, we are not responsible for damage to your table, home, or facility due to the move. Similarly, we do not move furniture used to store electronics, such as televisions, radios, computers, telephones, lamps, etc.


Pet Odours & House Pets

Rugs, pads, and subfloors are affected by pet urine. When pet odors penetrate the carpet backing, cleaning the surface will not remove them. As a result, we cannot guarantee complete odour or stain removal.

During Service, we will be operating equipment in your home, which requires entry and exit. It is vital to secure your pet(s) in a place where they cannot escape. We are not responsible for finding lost pets or knowing where they are during the Service.


Spots & Stains

Please point out all spots and stains that concern you during our pre-inspection. It is recommended that you first clean your carpet to determine whether the affected area (s) will come up after cleaning. Any spot that remains after cleaning is considered a stain. Please note that stain removal is a separate service. Some stains may not be removed entirely but will fade with the cleaning.



We will do our best to remove pet or human hair from your carpet, but the carpet cannot be guaranteed to be hair-free. The hair can adhere to the mat like Velcro.


Dark Lines at the Baseboard

A filter stain is a dark line around the perimeter of your carpet on the baseboards. Particles embedding themselves in carpet fibres cause stains. Our attempts at removing filtration stains result in insignificant changes; therefore, we do not remove filtration stains.


Wicking (Reappearing Spots)

When carpets are dried, oil-based carpets can wick or re-evaporate spots onto the surface. Using a stain guard after cleaning reduces wicking. The drying process may result in spots returning if you do not purchase stain guard protection.


Normal Wear and Tear

Despite our best efforts, we are not liable for any wear and tear on your home, such as minor scratches, dents, or scuffs. However, corner guards are used to preventing excessive corner wear.


Personal Items & Items of Value

Ensure that your valuables items are securely stored before we arrive.


Personal Property

If you want the carpet cleaned beneath small furniture and personal items such as magazines, clothes, shoes, etc., please remove them from the floor.


Carpet Cleaning Results

Despite our best efforts, A.S Cleaning and Maintenance cannot guarantee the removal of all soils, spots, and stains. However, we strive to provide you with the best possible cleaning experience.

Bond Back Guarantee for End of Lease (T’s and C’s Apply) Exclusions with A.S Cleaning and Maintenance in Melbourne


Pest Control

We are not responsible for additional cleaning caused by pest control, such as dead animals or insects. These situations require the use of pest and control services.


Damaged Property

We are not responsible for repairing already damaged property. Property that still exists and is not protected by the Full Bond Guarantee. The Full Bond Guarantee does not cover existing damaged property.


General Services

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide basic facilities such as water and electricity during their house cleaning. It is mandatory to meet these conditions. In the absence of these facilities, we may have to cancel the job on the spot. There is a cancellation fee of $160 plus GST. The Full Bond Back Guarantee does not apply if we provide the services without these facilities.


Empty Your Property

It is crucial that your property is empty and you remove all your belongings before cleaning begins. There is a waiting charge for any delay you cause on a scheduled cleaning.


Bond’s Guarantee

Should the agent or customer be unhappy with the cleaning quality in certain areas, we will always do our utmost to reclean.

Please email us an exit report and photos within five days to ascleaningandmaintenance@gmail.com. We will provide a complimentary reclean.

Our Bond Back Guarantee is Valid for five days after we complete the cleaning.


Ceilings and Walls

Damp spots can appear anywhere in the building, and the drywall plaster is often affected. We will do our best to spot clean any marks, but we won’t entirely remove them because excess moisture will cause them to reappear.

We do not clean walls or cornices as part of the regular end-of-lease clean. We can do this for you, but there will be a fee. We will clean minor marks on the spot.



Professional services may be required to remove mould from grout, silicon, window areas, and other areas. We do not cover deeply embedded mould.


Appliances for the Home

Cleanup packages do not include personal appliances (such as outdoor BBQs, microwaves, and refrigerators/freezers).
You can hire us to clean your personal appliances separately.
Please note that you must thoroughly defrost your refrigerator or freezer before cleaning.



We do not pressure clean or mop the garage floor. We do a complimentary sweep of the garage. You will have to hire a professional pressure cleaning service.


Zero Tolerance Policy

A.S. Cleaning and Maintenance do not tolerate aggression, abusive behaviour, yelling, name-calling, sexual behaviour, or defamatory remarks. You will not have a refund or a bond-back guarantee during this time.

In case you don’t pay the outstanding amount in full. A.S cleaning and Maintenance may take legal action.


Complaints & Feedback

We welcome any suggestions or complaints from you about our service. Please email us your complaints and suggestions to ascleaningandmaintenance@gmail.com.